I am going to work on several Tillinghast albums that I will sell online for cheap. I am doing this as a fundraiser to get money to buy new equipment(such as a sampler and laptop.)

I am also about to work on a few new projects and here is a rundown of all of them that I have planned:

A semi-acoustic project(I may use synthesizers for string sounds in this project.)

A project inspired by Skinny Puppy.

A Project inspired by Razed in Black, KMFDM, and MDFMK.

A project inspired by surrealist techniques.

That is the only ones I can think of off hand and if I start considering more I will post them here.

I have started working on cut up poetry. I have several poems I did using the cut up technique. I will post them as soon as I get the chance to post them. They will be slightly odd poems, but I like the way they turned out.

I have been working on some photo editing projects for a few months now. I am working on a set of photo edits called "Ghosts" that may be featured as the covers and liner notes to a future project.

I am thinking about working on some tracks and learning to sing while I play them and play some open mic nights around Nashville as soon as I can. I am also hoping to meet people and possible do some fundraisers for various organizations and things like that.

I have been talking to a guy about starting a band with him and his girlfriend. The lineup will be his girlfriend on vocals, he will be on synthesizers and keyboards(and maybe violin), and I will be on bass guitar and synthesizers. Both he and I will work on the synthesizer and drum programming. I need to get a bass guitar soon. I found a few I like but I will probably end up getting the cheaper one(which is a Washburn Lyon bass guitar.)

I am thinking about working on some solo music. I will be playing a little electric and acoustic guitars in it. Most of the project will be done on synthesizer and bass guitar with maybe a bit of toms and snare drums(I have to be able to play standing up so there will be no bass drums in it.) There will be a lot of synthesizer pad sounds in it. I have been learning some new chords so that I can play some new sounds as well.

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