The name is Kevin Eldridge, I have been making music since high school. The first band I was working on was going to be a punk band called Fuzzy Pink Toilet Seat Covers which was me(vocals), Shaun Callahan(guitars), and Mark Maes(guitars). After graduation Mark left the band(who only played one show which was the talent show where we performed Danzig's Let it be Captured. What was left of the band tried to reform which eventually led to my younger sister Alexis Eldridge joining the band as the drummer. Ultimately the band dissolved and I worked on a few other bands that never got off the ground. Finally two stays in the psych hospital and a car wreck later I really got into electronic music, and soon discovered that one person could create a whole band by themselves. I have also recently discovered(or at least rediscovered) dark ambient and industrial noise sounds(as well as a few other things like The Backwards Music Station.) 

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