This is the updated list of the gear and software that I use.

Recording Setup

Acer Laptop(though this is only temporary until I get my laptop.)

Acoustica Mixcraft 5

Audacity 1.3 Beta

Zoom R8 8 track digital recorder

Lexicon Lambda Audio Interface

Reaper(I will reinstall this when I get my laptop)

Steinberg Cubase 4(I will also reinstall this when I get my laptop.)

Tascam VL-M3 Powered Monitors

M-Audio Nova Condenser Mic

Too many free VST and VSTi plug ins to list.

Electronic Gear

Roland SH-201 Synthesizer

Alesis Micron Synthesizer

Casio LK-35 Keyboard

Yamaha PSS-170 Keyboard

Korg Electribe ES-1 MK-II Drum Machine/Synthesizer

Alesis DM5 Electronic Drum Module

BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-550 MKII Drum Machine

Various Brands of Electronic Drum Pads

Guitar/Bass Guitar

Behringer Electric Guitar

Jay Turser JTA-VC20 YN Classical Guitar

Takamine G340SC

Randall Scott Ian Signature Amp

Chenault YHHGUITAR2 Acoustic Guitar

Washburn Bad Dog Distortion Pedal

Dean Markley K-15X Guitar Amp

Dean Markley Crybaby GCB-95 Wah Pedal

Peavey Millennium BXP 4-String Bass Guitar


Gretsch Blackhawk Drums

Musical Spoons

Schalloch Darbuka

Wind Instruments

Tin Whistle

Bamboo Flute

Pan Flute

Hohner Bluesband Harmonica

Mars Brand Harmonica

Other Music Hardware and Software

2 2x15" Kustom P. A. Speaker Cabs

Alesis MultiMix8USB Digital Mixer

Rolan SH-201 Editor and Librarian Software

Power Tab Editor Software

DigiTech Vocal 300 Vocal Effects Pedal

AKG D8000s Microphone

Other Creative Software


Windows Movie Maker

Image Inc.



Other Creative Gear

Samsung SCL810 Hi8 Camcorder

Samsung Digital Camcorder

Sanyo Digital Camera

JVC GR-AX25 VHS-C Camcorder

Brands I Endorse

Dean Markley Blue Steel Electric Guitar Strings Lite Gauge(.42-.09)

Dean Markley Alchemy Acoustic Guitar Strings Lite Gauge(.52-.11)

Dunlop Picks

Keiser Capos

Software I have used in the past

This list is software that I have formerly used and some I will use again in the future:

Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe

Magix Music Maker 11 Deluxe

Magix Music Maker 15 Producer

Magix Music Maker 16 Producer

Cakewalk Music Creator 

FL Studio 9

FL Studio 10(though I only used the demo version.)

Cool Edit '96

Cool Edit Pro 2.1


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