I'm currently working on getting a drum machine.

It's going to take a little while for me to get some music going , one of the first things I have to do is delete some of the useless VST and VSTi plug ins. A lot of the plug ins were good but there were several useless ones taking up a lot of space on my harddrive.


Today is my girlfriend( Meggean) and I's first anniversary. We got together on September 20, 2008. This has been a great year as she is the most kick ass girlfriend anyone could have, I've got to be the luckiest guy alive(I'm still not sure how the luck thing came about though.)

Sometime soon, probably tomorrow, I will be posting the first poem I ever had copyrighted called The Downward Spiral. I have been told a few times that the poem was a bit extreme, but it is the one I am most proud of.

I will be revealing the name of my book very soon. I have to add some stories to it that I have already written but need to type down, make some changes, and do the editing thing. I have some ideas for a few stories as well but am not going to reveal anything about them until I have them finished.

I have decided to go ahead and put up The Downward Spiral, it's under the poetry section. I wrote it while I was in high school during a fairly rough time in my life(an imaginary rough time that was ultimately all in my head, but it was bad all the same.) The poem, I have been told, is a bit intense(I have been told this by some slightly morbid, dark people.) So check it out, and enjoy(feedback would be greatly appreciate.)


Later today I think I will go through my VST and VSTi plug ins and see what is useful and what is not useful so I can delete unnecessary programs to clear up space on my harddrive. I will soon get some music up on myspace.com/kevine2 and I will have some music on my gothspace.com site as well(and of course on here.)


Tomorrow I will be getting a BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-550 MK-II drum machine. I should have some music up soon. There will be much programming within the next few days.


Yesterday I got my drum machine. I have started messing around with it and I like it(I think it is best suited to make industrial and rap music on.) I should have some new music up on my myspace music site, and on here soon.


I have started working on some music(that actually sounds pretty good.) It's industrial sounding with just a drum machine and one sound on my synthesizer. I will be working on 2 or 3 other albums as well(one is a dark ambient, one will sound like a horror movie score, one will be an industrial noise album, and an industrial album will be coming later.)


Today(if she were still with us) would be my mother Sue Edridge's birthday. Rest well mom, I will see you again someday.


Yesterday I started on an experimental industrial noise music project, I hope to complete this within the next few weeks.


I started working on some industrial noise music a few days ago, I am also going to be working on it today(if I get the chance.)


Last night I started sampling drums. I will be working on drum sampling(which will pretty much be me learning to do it as I go.) I layered a drum beat(I started with a bass and snare sound, after recording those I recorded the hi hat rhythm, not thinking it was good enough I rerecorded then I overdubbed both of the hi hat rhythms, which added a small sound that wouldn't have been there had I only used one of them.) I still need to mix down, export, and finish editing(which I will have to edit in in Cool Edit Pro 2.1, then send to another program to finish editing.)

I am also about to start working on a collaboration ever the internet(I will be working on the drum programming and the synthesizer parts.)


Last night I started on a track. It is a morphing noise track(it started with a synthesizer patch that sounded somewhat like a damp cave then I warped it with the knobs on the synth and the effects on my mixing board.) The track ended up being 19 minutes 53 seconds long and is still not finished with the sounds I am adding and the editing(as I will probably edit it with more effects and I may cut it into parts.)

I also downloaded some new patches for my Roland SH-201 yesterday and I will be playing around with those sounds as well(I am trying to create a few of my own patch sets.)


Tonight I am going to start work on two different projects. I am going to try to decide what synthesizer sounds to use for the Lunchmeat soundtrack. I am also going to continue work(as I have completed part of a track already) on an unstructured sound project.


I have had two new tracks on http://www.myspace.com/kevine2 for a couple of weeks.

Right after I put them up my computer's power button messed up so I am now in the process of rebuilding my computer. I have the case, motherboard, two harddrives, and RAM. I am waiting on my processor chip(which was ordered last night) and after that I am going to have to get a fan and a disc drive and the computer will be complete.

I am working on an album of dark ambient/industrial noise tracks, and I am hoping to have that finished within the next few weeks(and I am shooting for about twenty five to thirty tracks on it ranging from under a minute to possibly fifteen to twenty minutes.)


I may be moving this website to another page on yola(until I get an official domain name.)


I finally started a new page. I will be updating this page a lot more than I did in the past. 

Today I experimented with making "deviled tuna". I like deviled eggs and I like tuna sandwiches so I thought, why don't I try combing the two?

I have started experimenting with surrealist writing techniques and I will post the poetry that is the result. The results are kind of odd, but it is fun to experiment with cut up techniques. 


I have started on the first of the cheap Tillinghast albums. I have started on three or four tracks and am hoping to have at least one or two of the albums finished by the end of the month. Before I can put the albums up for sale online I have to take care of a few things which shouldn't take too long.

I am also going to start up a record label for my projects. I currently have some ideas for names for the label but I am unsure about which I will use. 

All my music, including the free E.P.'s for all my projects will be up for sale on bandcamp.com. I will post more as things progress. 


I have been working many new patches on the SH-201. There are many good ones that I have started planning out some Tillinghast and When Shadows Lie Darkest tracks. 

I am considering a new project. I have a couple people I may or may not be working with. I have ideas for a new project if I don't work with them but I need to get a bass guitar first. I am looking at two or three different synthesizers right now(I really want to get an ESP LTD F series bass.)

I will post more updates for the for that project and also Tillinghast, When Shadows Lie Darkest, and possibly even Soror Tenebrae(as soon as I get some things started with that.)


I have started working on tracks to the new solo project. I am working out the acoustic guitar part for several tracks and I will add to those when I finish the acoustic parts. The tracks I am working on will mostly be acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and some percussion. Other tracks for the solo project will feature synthesizers, bamboo flutes, harmonica, and other assorted instruments. I am hoping to have enough tracks to release albums in the near future.

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