Welcome to the Dungeon

 The Rebirth of Random Madness!

This is my new page. I had a page with the title "Random Madness" but I found myself with too many email addresses a few months back(I had them for various reasons) and so I deleted some of them. The problem with that was the one with my log in information. I wanted to keep the page going so I copy and pasted all the content from that page onto this new one.  I am going to update this one more than the old one so keep coming back for new updates


This area is for all the latest news.

It has been a while since I have updated. I got a new midi controller in June. I will be using it for piano and organs for my solo music. I will be moving soon as well as working on a band with someone I've been talking to from Nashville. I am also thinking about starting up a forum as well as a new blog that will deal with bizarre art.

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